Leaflet and roller banner to promote the childcare services offered by the University

A set of teacher cost effective handbooks for Cheney staff

Promotional literature to link African researchers with the University of Oxford

Brand guide for Magdalen College

University department logo to sit well alone and with the University logos. The logo to give a sense of authority and world peace. 

Report design proposals for a detailed report and two shorter impact reports

Magdalen College Magazine for 2023

A set of 36 two-page pdf management training forms for the University of Oxford. The pdf forms allow for answers to be typed directly on the form without the need to print out. The 36 forms were colour differentiated in to three main headings.

Department newsletter chronicling the highlight events in the department over the past year

PowerPoint presentation to compliment the report designs. The PowerPoint design to add interest to each page and be easily editable and manageable for the client

Roller banner and programme design for Africa Studies Conference

Magazine style newsletter for A- level students informing them of St John's College lectures tailored to the students

Proposed simplified primary school badge to sit well on jumpers and bags and reproduce cleanly

College fundraising impact report

The end of year college record printed to look like a book

Policy brief with images and graphs added

End of year report highlighting the achievements of the department

Two sets of four posters to be viewed together in the reception area

Set of reception area posters illustrating the current research at the Blavatnik

Brochure design to highlight the conference facilities of Exeter College's new Quad area

Legacy leaflet

An A5 handout for visitors to the Sheldonian Theatre

A three year report and fundraising brochure to show the areas of research undertaken by the Jenner Institute

A department roller banner which is always useful for entrances, conferences and online video backgrounds

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